Hard Wood Charcoal

Hard Wood Charcoal

Hard Wood Charcoal

Hard Wood Charcoal

We are manufacturer & exporter charcoal with traditional

carbonization methode.

Our charcoal was produced using indirect heat carbonization method, which is known as retort. Basically, dry biomass placed in a steel container and cooked. All the volatile gases are driven off and charcoal remains.

These volatile gases were routed back as fuel for the charcoal making

fire. Based on our experiences, indirect heat method simply outperforms direct method.

The indirect method results in a higher yield of high quality charcoal with less smoke and pollutants, low ash content and larger size.

We produce high quality both natural and instant lighting depend on customers requirement. with 100% coconut shell charcoal as our raw material it makes our product is enviroment friendly products.

Competitive Advantages :

* 100% all natural coconut-made

* No chemicals for healthier cooking

* Long burning time and consistent high-heat

* Smokeless and odourless without nasty fumes or smells

* Clean burning & minimum ash residue – easier clean ups

* Reusable briquettes for next grill-outs

* Standard packaging depend on customers requirement and printed       paper  bags or boxes

* Customized packaging & private label upon requests

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