The size of the wood briquettes is usually round, the diameter of the briquettes being about 6-8 cm. Available for us wood briquettes were made of pure saw dust from debarked trees. They had a moisture content 7,44%,ash content was 0,23%, NCV 17,83 GJ per mt. Particle size was

smaller than 0,5mm 20,5%,0,5-2,0 mm – 65% and above 2,0 mm 14,5 mm.

Usually the price of wood briquettes is considerably lower than of wood pellets.

Wood briquettes are made of dry, untreated wood chips. They are pressed with high pressure without any binder. By compacting the wood with this

high pressure, it turns into a fuel like brown coal.

Some briquettes are great for lighting the fire, some are best for through the day burning and some are designed for overnight burning.

Different stoves and flue set-ups create different burning characteristics and we have learned it is impossible to guess which briquette is best going to suit your stove and your lifestyle.For this reason we stock around ten different briquettes, each with different burn characteristics and each sitting in a different price bracket. It you are new to burning briquettes we suggest you purchase a mixed pallet comprising a selection of whatever takes your fancy. You really need a decent number of briquettes in order to experiment and find the optimum stove setting to extract maximum heat from your fuel. I can absolutely assure you that any of the briquettes we stock are excellent performers. You will be suprised at the how much heat they

generate and how long they last compared to logs.

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