WOOD IZEIX LLC offers a full line of wood pallets in virtually all
sizes, lumber types and designs. We offer wood pallets in a variety of
designs, including block and stringer, 2-way and 4-way, flush, wing and

Our pallets are also available in a variety of lumber types, including
dense hardwood, softwood, plywood or a wide range of alternative wood

In addition to having a variety of new wood pallets in stock, Barclay Wood llc specializes in manufacturing even some of the largest
quantity orders of new wood pallets using our Viking Turbo automated
pallet assembly machine.

The Viking Turbo can assemble more than 2,400 new pallets per day,
allowing WOOD IZEIX LLC to accommodate large orders.

WOOD IZEIX LLC can design and manufacture virtually any type or
size pallet that your products or cargo require. PDS and AutoCAD
software engineering analysis enables us to optimize pallet design for
cost efficiency, damage reduction, and increased safety.

WOOD IZEIX LLC pallet stock, manufacturing capacity, and design
experts make WOOD IZEIX LLC an ideal one source provider for all of
your pallet needs.

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